The Running game: MISSIONS

First, it lasts one month! Don’t expect results in the first 2 days, although it can happen.

In this game, you can run anywhere (as long as it is outdoors/not on a treadmill), you only need your smartphone to register your run and to start moving.

Throughout the month, missions will be given and your performance will be worth points. These points will allow you to compete with other people, and make you reach the best place on the ranking.

This is a healthy competition that aims to help you run more often and to accomplish this, there will be more people in the same situation as you. So if you seen others struggling, give them your support. Everyone is fighting their own battle.

Keep pushing your limits and become better in every run!

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How does it WORK

1. Sign UP and Join the community
2. Go For a run and use your Running APP
3. At the end Share a screenshot of the app and fill a form
4. Support other runners when they share their runs!
5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 till the end

These are the 4 elements we need from you after every run:
(This should be sent on a screenshot)


The running game prices

There is only one price to participate in the running game: 5€!

This is a small amount, to pay the game master’s time, creativity and hard work to the creation, moderation and regular improvement of this game.

You are free to make a higher donation if you feel that this game deserves more.

Thank you


  • 1 . Running requirements

    At the end of your run, you must have a pace below 7:00 /km and you can only submit one run per day, maximum 10km.

  • 2. Location

    The run has to be done outside: in a park, by the river, or even on your street! Running on a treadmill is not valid.

  • 3. Frequency

    It is not mandatory, nor recommended, to run every day or run more than your physical condition allows you to. You should run until you feel that you'll be well enough to run again the next day or two. Be responsible. We are not responsible for any injuries you contract while participating in this game.

  • 4. Random Checks

    Random checks can be made at any time of the month. So you must register all your runs on your own phone/app. If the check is made, the game master will contact you in private and ask for the history of your app since the beginning of the game. At the end of the month, app history will be requested from the winners. If you don't follow the rules, you can be invited to leave the game at any time! The registration fee will not be refunded.

  • 5. Race registration

    After running and before 11:59 pm (Lisbon time) of the same day, you must send a screenshot of your app, which should contain the following 4 elements: Run date, run distance, run duration and the run map (or part of the map if it doesn't fit in the screeshot). Sending should be done to the WhatsApp group or privately, to the Game Master.

  • 6. Points and Missions

    Each Km you run is worth 1 Point, up to a maximum of 10 km/points per day. In addition to these points, there will be missions related to running and another random skill, which may give you extra points to climb the ranking. Missions will be presented between 8pm and 2 pm GMT - Lisbon time).

  • 7. Diseases or Injuries

    In case of illness or injury that makes it impossible for you to keep running, you can withdraw and receive 50% of the registration fee. Contact the game master asap and explain the situation.

  • 8. Payment

    This game has a registration fee of 5€. Payments can be made only digitally by MBWay, Revolut, Wise or Paypal.

  • 9 Technical issues

    If in the middle of your run your app freezes, closes, or if your phone runs out of battery, contact the Game Master as soon as possible and explain the situation.

Do you have questions? Text me now!

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