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Find it boring or hard to exercise often? You’re in the right place!
Get motivation to have an active lifestyle.
For all the lazy, the bored, and especially the couch potatoes.

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Why Join Us


Here’s a secret: the hardest part is to start! And by joining us you’ll be doing exactly that. The rest of the way will be fun and games!


It’s easier to do some things with people in the same boat! With us you’ll find people just like you, that will share your struggles. Together we’ll go further than ever before.

Location independence

Using that old excuse of having no one to exercise with? Welcome to the future! We are all connected but at the same time, we’re spread all over the world!


With dozens of success cases, we can assure you that if you are feeling that excitement already, you are one click away from changing your life!

Our Games



Treasure Hunt

What do you need to Join Us

Smartphone With GPS & Internet

Everything you need to join us is probably on your hand or right beside you. As long as you have a smartphone with GPS and Internet connection you’re almost ready to go!

Fitness Tracking App

If you do sports already, you’re probably registered on Strava, Nike Run or some other fitness app. Most of the apps will show us the necessary data for you to participate.

Whatsapp Messenger

We are a community and this means we must communicate with each other. For that reason we use Whatsapp, where we share our achievements. Don’t want to get the notifications? Mute it!


It doesn’t matter if you want to be more active because you want to lose weight, relieve stress, bond with friends that do sports, or simply because you have too much free time: set your goal and let’s go.

About Us

We are dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle, by using 3 powerful tools:
Gamification, competition and community.

We believe that physical and mental exercise should be fun and should be present in everyday life, especially when practiced with more people at the same time.
That is why our activities are open to everyone – not just athletes or individuals in good shape, precisely the opposite. If you find it boring to do sports or if you are not in shape, you are our favorite participant! 

People feedback

"The running game helped me a lot to feel a little "obligation" to go running. Good obligation! It made me leave the house in those days when the only thing I wanted was to be on the couch. I used to run before but when I started in the game there was a little adrenaline to overcome some personal goals."
Joana Melo
"The running game is really good, offers such a good community spirit, and provides a unique motivation that simply running alone does not give you. Ricardo offers unique bespoke challenges that bring people both closer together but also promote positive and healthy competition that helps to improve running stamina, frequency, and speed."
Max Emerson

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